Skazz Coldsploogie
Basic Information
Race Goblin
Affiliation Steemwheedle Cartel
Professions Ice-Cream Vendor
Vital Statistics
Height 91 cm
Hair Black
Eyes Yellow
Personal Information
Age 27
Current Residence The Barrens

"An ice-cream stand in the barrens? Brilliant!"
—Skazz Coldsploogie

Skazz Coldsploogie is a Goblin entrepreneur who hit upon a single, brilliant idea for instant wealth and fame. That plan is to set up Ice Cream stands in hot, dry places that have a lot of running between two very far distant points. His reasoning stood that people running across such places would get all hot and tired, and want a nice cool snack for some light relief.

With this in mind, and a small amount of money in hand, he built his first ice-cream stand in the Barrens, along the Gold Road, north of the Crossroads. His reasoning was that the frequent Alliance raids on Crossroads would be very hot and tired and hungry by the time they got there and, as such, he would have a frequent supply of customers who would buy in bulk from him. From there, all he had to do was rake in the cash.

Unfortunately for Skazz, not too long after he opened his stand, the Alliance set up a Griffon Master in Ratchet, giving alliance raiders a straight flight from there to Astranaar which completely bypassed him. To make matters worse, the Dark portal reopened several months later, resulting in a mass migration of Horde and Alliance adventurers to Oultand. Skazz was left with a huge supply of ice-cream and an almost non-existent customer base, with only the occasional lost Orc or Centaur Raid going past - and even then, the Centaurs didn't pay for anything, they just raided and ran off with his stock.

Not to be discouraged, he tried setting up ice cream stands in other areas. However, these all failed for various reasons; the expected customers didn't show up, the locals objected, populations shifted or, in one case, it got stomped on by a Fel Reaver.