Secret Snake Cult
Guild Information
Guild Name Secret Snake Cult
Founded By Keldor Greyskull
Current Leader Keldor Greyskull
Faction Horde (alleged), Old Gods (actual)
Location A sub-basement in Brill

"We posess a dark agenda, a sinister agenda!"
—Keldor Greyskull

The Secret Snake Cult is a secretive group dedicated to the worship of the Old Gods. Claiming to be a part of the Horde, they follow their own agenda.


Created by Keldor Greyskull, the Secret Snake Cult exists to serve the Old Gods and bring about their return to the world. In doing such, the Secret Snake Cult will become the rulers of the world, the direct servants of the Gods themselves, infused with their power and ruling over all other petty mortal beings.

To his end, he gathered a group of like-minded individuals, controlling them with dreams of the power that they would one day wield. However, he had no intention of sharing that power; instead, he planned to eliminate its members himself so that he alone would have the favour of the Old Gods, and he alone would be their emissary to the mortal world.

The Secret Snake Cult is infused with serpent imagery, as such appears to be common in relics associated with the Old Gods. Its logo was designed to reflect this, so that its members would know who each other are and the masters that they serve. They would meet in secretive, dark places where they would perform sinister rituals that would be used to aid in the return of their dark masters.

Or, at least, in theory.

In truth, the secret Snake Cult consists of only five members, as well as an associate member who rarely takes part in actual cult business and is only in it for the money. (There were two others, but one was thrown out because of ineptitude, and another got bored and wandered off) Furthermore, of those six members, all of them save for their leader are lowest common denominator thugs with little brainpower or any real idea of what they are doing. As if to underscore the point, one of their former members was actually a very cleverly planted secret agent, spying on the group until he was withdrawn. (The Forsaken Leadership deemed the cult as being "not a threat"; furthermore, they were looking for a better way to kill him off). Finally, the cult’s “secret lair” is actually a sub-basement in the town of Brill.

The ultimate irony is, of course, that if the Secret Snake Cult did return the Old Gods to the world, their reward would be to be eaten first.

Recently (and, even more ironically, after the plant within their numbers was withdrawn), the Cult has relocated to Northrend, apparently answering the "call" of Yogg-Saron. While still moving within the Horde's ranks, they have been heading towards Azjol-Nerub, hoping to join forces with the incomprehnsible powers that dwell in the depths of the beisiged kingdom.

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