The Saucy Gibbon

The HMS Saucy Gibbon was a pirate ship under the command of Captain Edmund Leggomahn.

Orignally built for the Alliance navy during the second war, the ship was sold off to raise capitol. Purchased by captain Leggomahn, it was converted for use as a privateering vessel. Allready fast and manouverable, he improved its armamants and provisions, equipping it for long hauls and extended periods of operating alone.

Now a part of the Bloodsail Buccaneers' fleet, the Saucy Gibbon operated out of Stranglethorn vale, attacking whatever targets that were avalible to it. With the booty he accumulated, the captian increased the size of his crew, openly recruiting from other races such as Jungle Trolls. With an improved ship and a strenghtend crew, he began to develop his own lofty ambitions, placing himself ahead of the rest of the Bloodsail Buccanneers

However, things went bad during an expedition to raid the Kalimdor coasts. The Saucy Gibbon was fired upon by the gunners at Northwatch Hold, and was struck in its considerable power magazines. The ship exploded and sank, with most of the crew lost.