Basic Information
Race Naaru
Class Archivist
Professions Inscriptions, Enchanting, Empowering
Vital Statistics
Build N/A
Hair NA
Eyes N/A
Personal Information
Age ~2000 Centuries
Birthplace Twisting Nether
Current Residence Eravaan

Sa'aj is a rogue Naaru. Those who have abandoned the Holy Light revert to a malefic red color. Sa'aj is still a being of great power but seeks nourishment from the rogue elementals that live within the maelstrom. His sanctuary of Eravaan is a floating island in the center of the vast swarming vortex of winds that seems to be the single calmness in the entire maelstrom.

Sa'aj has been at war against the Naga of Nazjatar. Sa'aj has managed to open a rift to the elemental plane and enslaved countless legions of elementals there. Using these elementals he has been able to keep his power great and at the same time mutate them into soldiers of his own will.


Sa'aj's agenda is unknown. Why he abandoned the Holy Light is unknown. It may be that not all Naaru are immediately aligned with the Holy Light, and that the only ones that serve the Holy Light may be the Sha'tar. Sa'aj may be attempting to battle the Old Gods on his own terms by enslaving their very own servants, the Elementals and using them against the Old Gods.