Land Information
Land Name Nayu'garthos
Capitol Gnomeraun
Major Races Gnome, Human, Dwarf, Night elf, Blood elf (formerly)
Major Cities Nayu'garthon, Sin'doremi, Gnomdwar, Entillva
Faction Alliance
Imports Gnomish technology
Exports Fish, pelts, gnomish technology
Flight Paths (From)Theramore Isle, (From & To)Gadgetzan, (Zeppelin from/to)Ratchet
Docks (From & To)Ratchet
Founder Serra Rukora
Current Leader Odin R. Coldhammer
Continent On Kalimdor

Nayu'garthos is an island off the coast of Kalimdor. Its name in Darnassian means "Banished World".


Nayu'garthos has lush jungles, and more inward are forests, as well as many hostile animals. The island is most known for its number of conquers in less than a century.

The outer jungles are portrayed by the various wildlife that graze and make shelter on the outside, and ruins that show the once night elf outcast civilization that was over-throne by the blood elves.


First being settled as an outcast colony, Nayu'garthos was home to sheltering night elves, including Tak Shadowfury. Eventually, a general by the name of Asyria Sunfinder came with her army of blood elves and enslaved the night elven outcasts, killing them and forcing them to work for little or no pay.

Asyria's reign did not last long. After promising to give part of the land to the gnomes in order to buy their trust, she was duped into thinking the gnomes accepted. The gnome, dwarf, and human calvary came and slaughtered the blood elves in control of the island.

The evil tyrant Asyria was shot to death, and the Alliance gained control over a new land, which eventually became a sturdy trade route.


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