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Welcome to the official Warcraft Fanon Wiki. FEEL FREE to post! Remember: Don't vandalize, we'll know who did it. AND: ALWAYS GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT FOR ANY ARTICLES YOU MAKE, as well as properly categorizing.

What's Fanon?

Fanon is a very simple concept. It is basically "fan canon", which is sort-of a paradox of itself. Besides that point, you can write anything here and it will be accepted (unless inappropriate). Example: Let's say you have a character called Leeroy on a real WoW server. Well, you could make a background story on that person by creating a new page on them. Or, make a character off the top of your head. Be creative.



I had free time... download it, host it, put it in your sig. Or wait, I'll have a hosting link for it soon.

Spoiler Policy

The new Spoiler Policy has been implemented. Please read the policy before posting any content related recently released Warcraft conent, lore or fiction.

Article of the Month: March 2010

April of 2010's Article of the Month is: Hogger Gnollwhisperer. To nominate an article for May, head to the Article of the Month page.