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Luminar, also known as the Eternal Realm of the Light, Realm of Light, or simply known as Paradise and Heaven, is the name of opposite of the Void Realm one of the Seven/Six/Sixteen Cosmic Realms and a spatially, infinite, never-ending spiritual realm that is ruled by the Hope Covenant. Located outside the Shadowlands the Emerald Dream Cosmic Realms and the Cosmos, it is the home of the Hope, who are the ones who create the Naaru with the power of the Light while Elune also created the Prime Naaru according to Khadgar. The origins of Luminar remain uncertain it is unknown if Luminar was created by the First Ones along with Cosmic Realms, but it has existed ever since mortal life first arose in the physical universe. Like the Shadowlands, Luminar spans all worlds, including Absolarn, Argus, Azeroth, Centralis, Draenor, Elunaria, Fyzandi, Hara'samid, Heraazi, Karkora, Kareth, Khaz'Goroth, Ruvaraad, Sodaraami, and Xarodi.


Like the Shadowlands the Emerald Dream the Gardens of Life the Void Realm the Order Realm the Disorder Realm the Elemental Realm the Physical Realm the Time Realm the Omniform Realm the Anti-Omniform Realm the Eternity Realm the Abstraction Realm the Creation Realm and the Destruction Realm, Luminar was a place for the souls, worshipped, respected, and honored the Light, would remain after death to live a blessed and happy eternal death, and indulge whatever employment they had enjoyed in life. Souls, who have found redemption in life or death, can enter Luminar.


The never-ending, infinite realm of Luminar was ruled by the Hope, a race of beings that used the power of the Light to create the Naaru.

Wrath of the Lich King[]

Crusader Bridenbrad, who was known to be a very brave champion of the Light, was honored to serve alongside Tirion Fordring until he was suddenly infected with the Plague of Undeath. To avoid spreading it further, he disappears into the mountains. Upon his passing, A'dal and his fellow Naaru arrive to claim Bridenbrad's soul, ensuring his rescue from undeath and promising him "paradise eternal". By doing so, the naaru bound his soul to Luminar.


During the war against the Burning Legion, King Varian Wrynn, who had sacrificed his life to save the rest of his forces in the Alliance, was sent to Luminar where he reunited with his long dead wife Tiffin Wrynn. At the moment when Anduin Wrynn found a Shalamayne blade left behind, he had a vision where he saw his father in Luminar. Trying to collect his words, Anduin eventually asked what he should do now, for which Varian reminded his son to act as a king. Members of the Valarjar within the Halls of Valor have learned of Luminar's existence and can gain access by Odyn's blessing. King Odyn, who at one time, saw Luminar while using knowledge he gleaned from the Shadowlands to create the first Val'kyr.


The Hope, who are known to be ancient and powerful beings responsible for the creation of the Naaru, have lived in Luminar and served as great masters of the Light. While other beings have viewed how dangerous it was to meddle in the Shadowlands, Luminar was nothing compared to these infinite realms but compared to Cosmic Realms.

If a Naaru is killed within the mortal realm, its essence would go back to the realm of Light to be reformed. Even if a Naaru is struck in this realm, it reforms in a matter of seconds.

  • Hope Covenant
  • Angels
  • Light Lords
  • White Dragonflight
  • IconSmall Naaru.gif Naaru
  • IconSmall Soul.gif The souls of the dead dwell in Luminar.

Realms and Geography[]

Every realm within the Luminar are known to be spatially infinite in a way.


  • Night/Lunar/Moon Realm
  • Day/Solar/Sun Realm
  • Star Realm
  • Holy Realm
  • Protection Realm
  • Retribution Realm
  • Discipline Realm
  • Holy Realm
  • Shadow Realm
  • Light Realm of Light
  • Light Realm of Void
  • Light Realm of Life
  • Light Realm of Death
  • Light Realm of Order
  • Light Realm of Disorder
  • Light Realm of Physical
  • Light Realm of the Seventh Cosmic Force
  • Light Realm of Time
  • Light Realm of Omniform
  • Light Realm of Anti-Omniform
  • Light Realm of Eternity
  • Light Realm of Abstraction
  • Light Realm of Elements
  • Light Realm of Creation
  • Light Realm of Destruction


  • IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Greatfather Aldrimus
  • IconSmall Human Male.gif Wendell Balfour
  • IconSmall Human Male.gif Crusader Bridenbrad
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Baelgun Flamebeard
  • IconSmall Tirion.gif Tirion Fordring
  • IconSmall BloodElf Male.gif Galell
  • IconSmall Gavinrad.gif Gavinrad
  • IconSmall Human Male.gif Raymond George
  • IconSmall Human Male.gif Halahk
  • IconSmall Uther.gif Uther Lightbringer
  • IconSmall Maraad.gif Maraad
  • IconSmall Human Female.gif Lianne Menethil
  • IconSmall Naaru.gif O'ros
  • IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Anasterian Sunstrider
  • IconSmall Terenas.gif Terenas Menethil II
  • IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Uuna's Father
  • IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Uuna's Mother
  • IconSmall Human Female.gif Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn
  • IconSmall Xe'ra.gif Xe'ra