Legend of Zeldau is a video game that takes place in an alternate world called Hirool. It is the story about a boy, Linken, who must rescue the princess, Zeldau, from an evil broken draenei by the name of Gaanon.



Linken, Hero of Age.

In the beginning of the game, we are introduced to Linken, a gnome from the kingdom of Hirool. He discovers one of Princess Zeldau's bodyguards mortally wounded. The bodyguard has enough strength left to tell Linken to find the QuadForce pieces.

So, Linken does research on the QuadForce. It says that the four are: Strength, Intellect, Bravery, and Spirit. The only way he can rescue Zeldau is by finding the QuadForces Intellect, Bravery, and Spirit. Strength is held by the demon broken known as Gaanon.

And so, the game sets out as Linken ventures beyond Hirool to find the three QuadForce pieces to open the Underworld Portal. Players must venture through Riddling Forest to find Intellect, the Ominous Plains to find Bravery, and the Mystic Gorge to find Spirit.


Zeldau, the Princess.

The player eventually gets all three of the pieces and it opens a portal. This portal takes the player to a statue with The Sword of Mastery stuck inside it. After pulling out the Sword of Mastery, the QuadForces attach to it and open a second portal.

When the player heads through this portal, he will be around maximum level. Linken will then fight Gaanon to save Princess Zeldau. After Gaanon is defeated, Zeldau gives you the QuadForce of Strength, which also attaches to your sword.


Gaanon, the Beast Broken.

Finally, a heroic tune plays and Linken and Zeldau ride off into the night, becoming a silhouette amongst the setting sun. The credits roll bye, and you unlock a secret option to play as a dwarf Linken in the Options Menu.

Game CreditsEdit

  • Shigeru Tinkamoto, creator and plot
  • Arkhorn Lionhoof, voice of Gaanon
  • Yun, voice of Ghouls
  • High Priestess Elmaria, voice of Zeldau
  • Shigeru Tinkamoto, voice of Linken
  • Ezmarez Broki, graphic design
  • Juthal Novair, scripting
  • Eni Buditink, cartridge translating
  • Ironeyes Stonehammer, control setup