Laiiko McShire
Background Information
Race Namu
Class Priest
Professions Inscription
Vital Statistics
Height 1.76 kg
Build Sleek
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age 157
Birthplace Terokkar Forest, Outland
Current Residence Exodar, Azuremyst Isle

Laiiko McShire (pronounced lay-uh-CO) is a namu priest. She was born to Rithion and Zenerra McShire, two namu citizens.


Laiiko has the appearance of a regular female in her early 20s, although the off-shade purple skin gives it away that she isn't human. Also, she is actually 157 years old, which is much older than human standards but she would be considered a "young adult" by other namu.

One of Laiiko's more noticeable features is her bright blonde hair. Blonde hair is common among namu women, but her bright blonde hair is quite rare.

The girl also sports traditional namu face tattoos, one for each eye. Another feature on Laiiko's face is her rose-red lips. They are usually a lighter red, and Laiiko refuses to tell how her lip color changed.


The first thing you notice about Laiiko is her eyes. Vibrant, ocean-blue eyes show that if you challenge her, she'll brutally and mercilessly take you down without giving a moment's notice. Another thing is that she is a tomboy. Laiiko likes gambling, betting, and playing video games on the Gnomendo 64. Her favorite drink is a double tomato juice on the rocks, and she is a vegetarian.


Laiiko was born in Terokkar forest out by a little hut near a pond. She grew up going to school in Shattrath, and when she turned 18, she went through the Dark Portal to Azeroth. After reaching Azeroth, Laiiko went to college at Darnassus State. She got a Master's Degree in Inscription.

When Laiiko reached the age of 73, she was well on her way to great things. She became a candidate for the Namu Senate, and was elected to be an emissary/representative for the namu. Doing business in Lordaeron before the Plague, she was highly renowned with the Kirin Tor.

At the age of 99, Laiiko suffered a heart attack. She was taken to a gnomish hospital, but she had entered a coma. She was kept on life support for a year, and when she reached the big 100, they took her off life support and put her body in the morgue.

However, the energy that namu create to survive continued to live on inside her. When Laiiko awoke, it was nearly fifty years later. She was surprised to find herself inside the remains of a morgue which had been scorched and trashed. Upon leaving the morgue, Laiiko found that she was trapped inside the hospital which had been snowed in by Dun Morogh's heavy winter. Using a spell to burn the door down, she ran away.

After fleeing to Ironforge, she asked what year it was. A dwarven physician replied she had been underground for more than fifty-seven years. Laiiko then proceeded to head towards Azuremyst Isle, in the Exodar, hoping to find her parents who had made residence in there.

Laiiko never found her parents.