Granathor Erukan
Background Information
Race Draenei Broken (formerly Eredar)
Class Warlock
Professions Skinning, Leatherworking
Vital Statistics
Height 2.11 m
Weight 77.1 kg
Build Medium
Hair None; tentacles (formerly black)
Eyes Blue (formerly purple)
Personal Information
Age 56
Birthplace Draenor
Current Residence Stormwind

Granathor Erukan was a surviving draenei who fled the destruction of Draenor by coming to Azeroth in the Exodar. Because of the large amounts of radiation from the crystals, Granathor mutated into a Broken after the crash on Azuremyst Isle.


Granathor can usually be seen wearing a hood, as well as gold and blue armor. He is known for being one of the few Draenei Broken to be able to tap into the dark arts and become a warlock.


"I'm-a chargin' mah shadowbolt!"
—Granathor Erukan

Being known as quite a serious person, Granathor was rarely seen cracking jokes. The first joke he ever did make was when he was seven in Draenor, and it resulted in being scolded. Maybe that's why he never told jokes, eh?

Granathor was also the last in the Erukan bloodline. Choosing not to get married because "marriage is such a hassle," Granathor decided to kick it bachelor-style. He never did meet a "true love".


Granathor was born on Draenor, years before the draenei's descent into Azeroth. He was raised by Rennithor and Annaria Erukan. When Granathor reached the age of ten, he was trained to ride the family elekk, Waark. Satisfied with his skills, Granathor and Waark took many rides to the extents of the draenei capital, trading with orcish merchants and the lot.

Everything changed when Kil'jaeden arrived. He manipulated the orcs, and when Granathor was forty-nine, the draenei fled to Azeroth. Medivh, bringing the orcs also to Azeroth, found that the creation of Outland and the destruction of Draenor was imminent.

In the crash of the Exodar, Granathor's parents died of radiation sickness. This sickness befell upon Granathor himself, but to his surprise, mutated him instead of killing him. So, Granathor and Waark set

Granathor mount

Granathor on his elekk mount, Waark.

off to uphold peace for the Alliance. The two were inseparable.

Waark's DeathEdit

Waark died a year before the current age. When Granathor was 55, he and Waark were riding through Zul'gurub when Waark ran away and was killed by forest trolls. Granathor was upset, and left Zul'gurub.

Stormwind Ho!Edit

After Waark had died, Granathor set off for Stormwind to wind down and help warlocks seeking expert training. Many young humans and gnomes turned to Granathor needing help, and he answered. Love for his other racial brethren, Granathor finally learned how to really tap into the light, and was accepted again by the draenei eredar community.


  • Granathor was the name of a draenei mage, but he was deleted.
  • Erukan comes from "Iruka" from Naruto