Tareg Beefstake
Basic Information
Race Tauren
Class Warrior
Guild Secret Snake Cult
Vital Statistics
Height 2.51m
Build Muscular
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age 43 (about 21 in Human terms)
Birthplace Mulgore
Current Residence The Crossroads, the Barrens

"Cleave! Cleave! Cleave!"
—Gareg Beefstake

Gareg Beefstake is a member of a secret cult dedicated to bringing about the return of the Old Gods. In a rare move for the group, he has no ulterior motive.


Even by the standards of the Tauren race, Gareg Beefstake would be considered to be large. He seems to be a wall of fur with horns on top, a massive beast that towers over everything around it. Huge muscles ripple beneath his brown fur, while his tiny blue eyes seem to be almost an afterthought. His massive horns only add to the overall impression of size.

Clad in his armour, Gareg gives an impression of being an immovable force, one that would stand up to any assault and be able to crush all in its path.


Unfortunately, that impression would be shattered the moment anyone tried to talk to Gareg. Slow witted, he slurs out his words in an almost glacial-paced drawl, often pausing as if he needs to think really hard about the one word answer he is about to give. Most of the time, he seems to be content to stand around and say nothing.

The only time where he seems to come alive is in battle; however, this is a weakness of his. He will constantly swing his axe in front of him in as wide an arc as possible, aiming to hit whatever is there, be it friend or foe. All attempts to prevent this so-called “obsessive cleaving disorder” have thus far failed, leaving him a menace to all around him.


Unlike other members of the Secret Snake Cult who are motivated by the need for power, wealth or revenge, Gareg has no ulterior motives for being a member of the organisation. He is just there because it gives him something to do.

Keldor Greyskull encountered Gareg while he was exploring the Barrens, searching for a rumoured being of great power that dwelled there. He was immediately impressed by the Tauren Warrior’s massive size and strength, as well as his skill with an axe. Seeing potential, he recruited him into the Secret Snake Cult to act as an enforcer of sorts.

Since then, Gareg has willingly supported Greyskull in his quest to return the Old Gods to the world and bring about the end of all things. He doesn’t seem to know (or care) about the consequences of the organisation’s actions. He just likes to hit stuff.