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a typical Dracomorph warrior

a description of Dracomorphs if you choose them

" We are Strong We are Many we will crush any threat we are perfect predators"

Motto of Jungle axe Tribe

Typical Shaman of Dracomorphs

Dracomorphs are species of tall reptile humanoids who belong to the horde they originally came from outland tropics they have familiar technology to humans while still being a back for a few centuries for dwarfs or they peaceful cousins Dracomorphians while they homeland was destroyed by unknown forces so they needed to move on Azeroth jungles while getting in a friendly rivalry with Trolls they ultimately joined horde when one of the alliance soldier will slay a troll Hunter and then a Dracomorph one. After it their represent in shadow council Is Khala'r the Terrible who was leader of the jungle axe tribe who are the main Dracomorphs they are very agreesive towards humans and dwarfs mostly because they are responsible for all of they problems they are known to be an excellent hunters because they can change up from walking on two legs to walking on four. While the males posses a spiky head growing's the female posses feathers which are seen as exotic and beautiful thanks to that the females also have wings which allows them to fly. They are two tribes of Dracomorphs .Jungle Axe and Tropical Hammer the jungle axe is with horde while Tropical Hammer is on the side of the alliance they are always in conflict in that or any other way while jungle axes are barbaric berserkers the tropical hammer are known to be a Noble Jungle Knights while the third tribe vine spear tribe which are neutral to both horde and the alliance

Typical Dracomorph Templar

they don't believe in light saying that light is a lie they believe in a 5 gods representing different element

Ramon- God of Sun and Fire

Freyara- Goddess of Nature and Live

Zove- God of thunder and sky's

Typical Dracomorph Brute

Neseidon- God of Seas and water

Thatun- God of death and night

Classes exclusive to this race:

Brute- a fast and durable invidual equipped in a double massive axes

Typical Dracomorph High Shaman earlier known as the elder

Berserker- is a stronger brute

High shaman- is The Highest Magic class for Dracomorphs while in years -11 to -1

Outlaw- a Class exclusive only to outcast camps they are more greedy and bloodlusted rogues

Typical Dracomorph Outlaw

Typical Dracomorph Berserker

templar- a alternate version of Paladin


Rakasa language used by both tribes which is mix of Pseudo African languages Part of Polish and English

Treatment of Albinoses:

The tropical hammer tribe treats them nicely and gently while jungle axe are not friendly towards Albinism as they send the Albinoses to the crystal and coal mines


Hardened scales: it gives you at begging boost to defense to 30% as it would rise by 10% every level up and the defense is both physical and magical

Taunting Roar: every time they roar and npcs in a Dracomorphs range would be only focused on them for 7 seconds

The walking change: Dracomorphs can change their type of walking they can increase their speed by 60% while on four legs

Neutrality: can join horde or alliance depending on the tribe you choose

Sharp as hell: can cause bleeding to all type of unarmored enemies and pierce through armor

Professional thief's: This abillity is exclusive only to outlaws after killing a random enemy you got 40% more loot then normal


This is forbidden to a woman wearing any type of clothes because as one of the shamans said that woman have beautiful body that shouldn't be covered or hidden also the feathers is some kind of clothes

Replacement Classes and exclusives explained:

Templar- because Dracomorphs doesn't believe in light but still have some kind of religion templars are warriors who fight for their religion

High Shaman- Because of high spirituality Dracomorphs can be stronger then other shamans so that's why is there high shamans

Brute- Because of high physical conditions of this species brutes were created to use the best of that

Berserker- The same as brute but to get to the peak or even further then that with light armor and some bonus protection