Dark Lord Nethyr, Watcher of Secrets
Basic Information
Race Lost One Draenei
Class Shaman
Vital Statistics
Height 1.79 kg
Weight 88 kg
Build Bony
Hair None
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age ???
Birthplace ???
Current Residence The Watcher's Moon

Dark Lord Nethyr, the Watcher of Secrets is an aged Eredar who slowly devolved into a Broken. He watches over Outland and Azeroth from his small moon, no bigger than Nayu'garthos. The moon contains a holographic copy of every piece of literature ever written, whether fiction or non -as well as containing a Titan machine with the recordings of the entire world on it.


Nethyr looks no different than any other black-skinned Lost One. However, he has never been seen by the naked eye and then told about in the worlds of Outland and Azeroth. The only living source to have seen him was institutionalized in a mental "hospital" on a prison colony island.


Nethyr's personality is unknown.


Although he is a devolved Eredar, the first appearance of Nethyr was long before the draenei landed on Azeroth. It was near the beginning of the Orc-Human war. An orc cadet had seen Nethyr's face morph in the stars and then disappear. The orc cadet vanished, too, into thin air. Claiming he had seen a moon and been abducted by a walrus-man, the orc was institutionalized upon returning home.

Dark Lord Nethyr presumably resides in his castle on The Watcher's Moon. Nobody is quite sure even if he exists, but once the draenei can get a working coordinate, they said they would look for the mysterious Watcher of Secrets.

Tomes of The Watcher and FanonnusEdit

Nethyr had written records of deities and demigods. He knew Fanonnus, a dragon lord created by the Titans. He self-published these works describing the dragon, the Titans, and himself under the pen name "Taups E. Cretts". Nethyr then traveled to Azeroth, where he proceeded to bury them deep within a monastery the Earthen had used to worship the Titans.