The Circle of Spirits is an assembly of noble and wise Shamans of Draenor. Some of these Shamans have even been from the races of Azeroth such as Trolls. The Circle is a good counterpart to the sinister Shadow Council of the main Warcraft Universe.


The Circle of Spirits functions similarly to the Cenarion Circle. Both organizations emphasize a very strong sense of respect for nature. The Circle of Spirits however is far less political with no Shaman superior to another. Shamans may consult with others in the circle or seek their own independent roads in their life. It is known that be a member or not, all Shamans must follow the same edicts that guide their spirituality.


Because the Circle of Spirits is heavily decentralized there is no true leader but Gul'Dan and Ner'zhul have enormous influence over it from their reputation and wisdom. The Circle elects their leaders for every issue that they must deal with. The Circle of Spirits prefers to keep out of the politics, prefering that Clan Chiefs and Tribal Leaders take the political matters into their hands. The Circle does monitor the growth of the land and the maintenance of respect that all forms of nature is entitled. Therefore the Circle is heavily involved in maintaining the delicate balance between manipulation and respect for nature.