TV Arthas2
General Arthas Menethil
Background Information
Race Human
Class Dragon Knight
Guild Dragon Knights of Deathwing
Vital Statistics
Height Average
Weight Average
Build Muscular
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age Young Adult
Birthplace Dragonseye, Lord'Aman
Current Residence Heroes' Graveyard, Stormwind

No enemy of the Dragonflight is a friend of mine!

-Arthas, after betraying his former friends to draconic inquisitors

I swear by my draconic soul that I will slay the beast Hellscream, even if I do so with my last breath!

-Arthas, after being given the task to kill the orcish Warchief

I die knowing the Aspect will grant me providence in the afterlife! All hail Deathwing!"

-Arthas, last words


Arthas Menethil was born in Dragonseye, capital of the Draconic Province of Lord'Aman, son to Governor Terenas Menethil II and his wife, Lianne Menethil. His father considered him loyal enough to join his Human-Troll Resistance group, but he later betrayed the group to draconic authorities. As a reward, he was invited to begin training as a Dragon Knight by Grandmaster Edwin VanCleef.


The young Arthas showed great promise and rose quickly through the ranks of the Knights. It was not long before VanCleef named him his protége and successor. When Deathwing requests his armies to venture to Kalimdor and defeat Grom Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde and Lich King of the demonic undead Scourge, General Arthas volunteered.

Kalimdorian CampaignEdit

After landing in Kalimdor, the draconic army was immediately assaulted by the Scourge. Arthas managed to win battle after battle, until he and his soldier finally reached Hellscream's capital, Legionmar. Here, he faced the full might of the Lich King Warchief. It was a tough battle, but the young general managed to turn it in his favor. Hellscream had no choice but to enter the fray personally. The semi-divine being, drawing power from Sargeras himself, had all but won when Arthas requested a duel with him. Considering himself invincible, he accepted, something he was going to regret. Arthas struck with the fury of a thousand dragons, battering down onto his enemy with his powerful hammer Wyrmfury, and the Lich King did the same with his Gorehowl. It was a very even match, when suddenly, Hellscream struck his gigantic axe into the Dragon Knight's back. Thinking himself to be the victor, he raised his arms and cheered, just enough for Arthas to remove the axe from himself and chop it straight into his adversary's chest. Stunned by this surprise assault, Hellscream had no chance to dodge the blow from the Wyrmfury as it bashed his brains out. Not long after, Arthas too died from the injuries he had received. He was taken back to the draconic capital of Stormwind and buried in the Heroes' Graveyard.