High Druid Arkhorn Lionhoof
Background Information
Race Tauren
Class Druid
Guild Hidden Druid Guild
Professions Herbalist
Vital Statistics
Build Burly
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
Personal Information
Age 97
Birthplace Bloodhoof Village
Current Residence Where the HDG resides

High Druid Arkhorn Lionhoof (Arkhorn is the tauren version of the human name Arkon) is a Tauren who resides on a neutral side to everybody. He is the leader of the Hidden Druid Guild.


Arkhorn Lionhoof usually wears a blue hood, cut in fashion to show his birth defect, antlers. The antlers were a sign in tauren mythology that he would become a great druid, of whom would make peace with the opposite faction. A tauren like this was born once in a thousand years.

Besides the myths, Arkhorn has black and white fur and carries a Wild Draenish Staff. He received the staff by befriending Velen of the draenei. Many Alliance respect him, but with every helpful move he makes, his reputation with the Horde decreases.


Arkhorn is a very kindhearted tauren. He respects nature and life, as well as the balance of Azeroth. Arkhorn has never been known to judge others by their race or faction, but solely on character. Some believe Arkhorn to be a "hippie" or sometimes called "a night elf's brain in a tauren's body". Because of his actions with the HDG, he is considered a god among mortals by the envious druids.


The High Druid's journey began after he reached the age of eighteen. He ventured out of Bloodhoof Village and threw away all his possessions but the clothes on his back. Befriending the kodos and plainstriders of Mulgore, Arkhorn learned to live and learn off of nature. He trained himself to think like a cunning nightsaber, and Arkhorn's journey eventually led him to Azuremyst Isle.

At the age of twenty-four, Arkhorn reached the border of Ironforge. He sought an audience with Magni Bronzebeard. The dwarf king let the tauren druid enter, aware that if he tried anything, the Ironforge Guards would detain Arkhorn posthaste. Arkhorn became brethren with the dwarves, and spent years in Ironforge living amongst them.

At the age of forty-nine, Arkhorn left Azuremyst. He sailed on a private boat to Teldrassil, where he spoke with the night elf council. The night elves, at first, were suspicious of him for being a tauren. But, he became exalted with Darnassus after befriending the elven natives. There, he started the Hidden Druid Guild, and it has existed for years now. The guild started as an association of night elves and tauren who wished to maintain neutrality and peace in Azeroth. Now, it is an organization of epic proportions.

Arkhorn also did some voice acting recently for the hit game Legend of Zeldau. In it, he played Gaanon, the power-hungry Broken draenei who tried to force Zeldau sign a charter to give him control of Hirool.

And so, this chapter of greatness ends in peace and valor.


  • Arkhorn's name is based off a character known as Arkon from RPG Maker 2003
  • Arkhoof and Lionhorn are most likely characters in WoW


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